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Welcome to Spanking Clean and Green

The all natural way of bringing freshness to your home! 

We are Colorado born, family owned company. Get in touch today to learn more about our natural and organic  carpet cleaning service.

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About Us

Spanking Clean and Green is focusing on high quality cleaning of carpets and upholstery. We use only eco-friendly, natural, and non toxic ingredients. This way, we are able to protect the environment, your pets, your children, and individuals with allergies from inhaling unnecessary toxins and harsh chemicals.

Our mission is simple: to provide high-quality services in a timely manner through hardwork and unrivaled effort. Our team caters to each project’s specific needs to ensure excellence. We hope you’ll find what you’re looking for. For more information or general inquiries, feel free to get in touch today.

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Feedback & Reviews

"I was so happy how my carpets turned out. Scott was very knowledgeable, professional, detail oriented, and great to work with. I can highly recommend his services."

Mary S.

"I had my carpet cleaned. What a fantastic job they did! Removed all of the existing spots and made the carpet look like new! Also, smells really good and all organic! Will for sure be calling them back for additional cleanings as they do house cleanings as well."

 Jeremy D.

"The gentleman was very nice and extremely professional. He did an excellent job and I would highly recommend his services."

Charlotte W.

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Dry Foam Encapsulation

Our chosen cleaning method of dry foam encapsulation is a VLM (very low moisture) cleaning process where we focus on saving water, which gives us the assurity we are doing our part in helping to preserve our blue planet. During the cleaning itself, the foam in our solution is going to surround all the dirt and soiling molecules, and encapsulate all the dirt & grime along with dissolving oils and grease. This prevents the unwanted pollutants from being able to stick to the carpets—making it easier to remove more dirt. Once the desired cleaning is complete, we formally rake the carpet to ensure even drying and give it a clean finish. After the cleaning, our enzymes will continue to work for the next 48 hours as they go through a crystallization process. This is that time window where we ask you to refrain from any vacuuming. Most carpets are dry in 2-4 hours except in certain circumstances that are less common. 

The highly effective method delivers great results while conserving water, our most precious natural resource. It is safe for the environment. Our dry foam method not only uses less H₂O but it is also a green, non-toxic product that does not leave any residue. The cost effective encapsulation process we use allows us to remove more dirt and dust, improve indoor air quality, and reduce allergens. Our cleaning solution is also extremely safe for those with pets and small children, who are most affected by what goes into carpet because they tend to be more up close with your carpet. It is also one of the best cleaning options for family members with allergies or other sensitivities like headaches caused by harsh chemicals. We also offer products that can help remove those pesky pet odors, protect against future damage, and combat any mold or mildew.

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Rug Selection

Our services

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Room Specials

Up to 250 sq. ft. per room

Standard room rate $73

Whole House Special


$349 - Deodorizer Cleaning (Includes up to 1500 sq. ft, no stairs, general disinfectant)

Minor Pet Package


Includes up to 1500 sq. ft, 1 set of stairs

Moderate Pet Package


Includes up to 1500 sq. ft, 1 set of stairs.

Severe Pet Package


Includes up to 1500 sq. ft, 1 set of stairs.



  • Dining Chairs                  @ $10-$40

  • Ottoman                         @ $15-$75

  • Standard Chair                @ $70

  • Oversize Chair/Recliner    @ $100

  • Love seat                        @ $115

  • Standard Sofa (up to 72")  @ $135

  • Additional Sofa feet          @ $30.00/foot

  • Two piece sectional          @ $225

  • Three piece Sectional        @ $285

  • Oversized                       @ $500

Area rugs


  • Synthetic                      @ $2.00/sq. ft.

  • Wool/Natural fiber       @ $4.00/sq. ft.


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                                       @ $8/step

Upgraded Services

Up to 250 sq. ft. per room

  • Room Disinfectant/Deodorizer    $50 each

  • Hall Disinfectant/Deodorizer      $15 each 

  • Stair Disinfectant/Deodorizer     $2 each

  • Room Protection/Guard            $70 each

  • Hall Protection/Guard              $25 each

  • Stair Protection/Guard             $3 each


Media Buzz

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Childfund Sponsorship

March 2022

Spanking Clean and Green is proud to announce the sponsoring of this amazing little guy, Abubeker Tofik, the Childfund. This was something that had been on my mind for some time and we are proud that after only 3 years as a company, we can start giving back. As Spanking Clean and Green continues to grow, our sponsorship of more children around the globe will too.

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Get in Touch

Lakewood, CO 80227

Scott or Katerina (720) 209-4584, (720) 209-1490

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